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Code of Ethics

LIABDA LTD. is a professional organization of sellers of rare, out-of-print, and used books; ephemera; prints; manuscripts, and related materials. Members live and/or work in the Long Island geographic area [i.e., the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York-ed.].

Members in good standing agree to abide by all the ethical standards set fort in this document.

  1. Members agree to abide by all federal, state, and local laws governing the purchase and sale of books and related materials.
  2. Members agree to accurately describe all materials offered for sale, using accepted terminology of the trade, and to provide an immediate refund to the purchaser of any misrepresented material as soon as that misrepresentation is discovered.
  3. Members will not knowingly buy, sell, or participate in any transaction where the ownership of the material is in doubt. Clear title must be given to the purchaser of any and all material. Should a dispute arise over title between the seller and the purchaser, a full refund must be offered the purchaser if clear title cannot be proven.
  4. A LIABDA LTD. member shall vouch for the authenticity of all materials offered for sale, and shall make every reasonable effort to establish their true nature. Should it be determined that material offered as authentic is not authentic or is questionable, that material shall be returned for a full cash refund or other mutually agreeable arrangement. Material proven to be not authentic, or of disputed or undetermined nature, shall not again be offered for sale unless all facts concerning it are disclosed in writing.
  5. Terms and conditions of sale should be clearly stated in all catalogues and places of business. When an offer is made, it should be stated whether the material is subject to prior sale. All books and related material must be paid for in full at time of purchase, unless other mutually agreeable arrangements are made.
  6. Responsibility for damage in transit shall rest with the sender. All materials should be appropriately packed for shipping. The cost of returning material described incorrectly, or of doubtful provenance, is the responsibility of the seller. Postage, insurance, and damage in transit of material returned for other reasons, is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  7. All material offered for sale must be priced clearly. Material not for sale, or being researched, should be segregated from material for sale.
  8. No member shall offer to buy any material s/he appraised for a period of at least 18 (eighteen) months after the appraisal is submitted. No less than two prospective purchasers may be recommended by the appraiser if s/he is asked for recommendations. No finder's fee, commission, or remuneration may be accepted from the purchaser by the appraiser.
  9. A LIABDA LTD. member offering appraisal services shall be responsible for knowing current appraisal regulations as stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service. A LIABDA LTD. dealer shall conduct such appraisals in strict compliance with these regulations.
  10. If business is done all or in part by mail order, and a member is asked to "drop ship" any material, the name, address, and collecting interest of the purchaser's customer may not be used or copied by the member for purposes other than facilitating the shipment.
  11. No officer or member of LIABDA LTD. responsible for purchasing goods and/or services for the organization may accept any gratuity or gift from the supplier.
  12. A LIABDA LTD. member should neither approach nor solicit customers in any other book seller's shop, book fair booth, or place of business without the introduction or consent of the proprietor.
  13. It is essential for the professional reputation of LIABDA LTD. that complaints or disputes involving Association members be resolved in a manner befitting the objectives of the Association. Claims against LIABDA LTD. members, or disputes among members, should be made in writing to the President. Violation by any member or any part of the Code off Ethics of the Association may be grounds for censure, suspension, removal from the directory, or expulsion from the Association.
  14. When the President of the Association receives a written question of ethics or a specific complaint, s/he shall appoint, within 30 (thirty) days of said written notice, three members in good standing, one of whom shall be appointed chair, to discuss the question or merits of the complaint. They will report to the President within 30 (thirty) days of receiving their charge with their findings.

The President shall then call a special meeting of the elected officers of the Association to evaluate the Committee's findings. A 2/3 (two-thirds) vote of the officers will be required for their ruling to be binding on the member(s) involved. All rulings shall be made within 90 (ninety) days of the original written communication. Members will abide by the decision of the officers.

All deliberations shall remain confidential.


Adopted December 1998

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